The WIN Vision

Michael Kaper

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Kaper discusses the Warrior virtue of "serve and protect," and how WIN's companies incorporate that virtue into their business.

Sandy Horn

COO Warrior Invictus

Sandy Horn discusses how her 30 years in the Warrior family has given her insights into the organization's culture of commitment.

Lisa Cordero

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Cordero discusses the important role that the Warrior virtue of "collaboration" plays in WIN's culture.

Sumit Roy

Chief Information Officer

Sumit Roy discusses WIN's commitment to advanced technology and how it is shaping the future of the network.

Terry Allen

VP of Sales and Marketing

Terry Allen discusses the Warrior virtue of "decisiveness" and how that trait is critical to WIN's success.

Stuart Kneedler

VP of Claims and Underwriting

Stuart Kneedler discusses the positive attitude and professionalism of the WIN team.

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